A Love Letter to Boston.

Dear Boston,

I was hard on you yesterday.  Your people are different then what I’m used to, and, well, that took some acclimating.  But, let me tell you Boston, you made my baby happy.  That is a big deal to me.  You see, my baby came to me not knowing exactly what happy was.  She knew only misery.  Every day since she was put in my arms, she has been determined to “beeeeeee happy!”  It was very easy for her to achieve that goal inside of your city. She fell in love with the carousel in your Common. We rode it three times during our stay, because who can resist seeing a little girl so full of joy?

Boston-4 Boston-3

Boston-2 Boston-1

Your history is amazing.


Boston-5We walked nearly the entirety of your Freedom Trail with FullPlateGrandma and FullPlateGrandpa.  Our Dolly enjoyed it all.  She never tired of asking “Where are we going next?” Boston-6 Your spirit is pretty amazing.  You honor your survivors who are ‘Boston Strong’, and the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice since 9/11.  Boston-8 And, your food is pretty good too… Boston

I’m going to throw some linky love out to this cupcake shop.  Sweet (we were at the Downtown location) is AMAZING.

We’ve made lifelong memories here.  Thank you for that.  For a little girl who is still getting used to finding joy, you contributed greatly.  Now, we’re working on finding some hope here too.

–FullPlateMom, who just has say thanks one more to Bean Town.

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