Fitness with the Fine 9.

{note: the opinions in this post are strictly my own and I have in no way been compensated for this review}

When you’ve got nine children, it’s really easy to fall into a bad routine.  I’m in the car chauffeuring them here and there a lot, which creates opportunities for some majorly bad food choices.  It’s also hard to carve out time to work out alone because of the two littles.  They’re small, but not small enough for me to push them in a jogging stroller.  I need FPD with me to push that load. I’ve been trying to find ways to work out with the kids.  When I do run, I will take 1-2 bigger kids with me.  Some of them leave me in the dust, and some of them need me to be their cheerleader.  But, there is no way all the kids can run with me.

We need a more family oriented activity, so when I heard FPD and the kids playing with the Fit Deck I decided to try it with the kids.  I LOVED IT!!! The Fit Deck is literally a deck of cards.  Each card has a physical activity on it.  Different cards work different muscle groups. I let the kids go in reverse age order picking the cards.

Fit Deck-4

Each card has beginning, intermediate and advanced levels on it.  The littles always do the beginner levels, when they’re not running around because they get distracted like that dog from Up…SQUIRREL!!! Sometimes, though the activity is fun…

Fit Deck-3

And then I can get them ALL to do it.

Fit Deck

Fit Deck-2 We’ll definitely be using the Fit Deck again.

–FullPlateMom, who would like to confirm that her baby is only in her underwear.  That’s how we roll.

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