An Announcement from Dolly.

BIG SISTER!!!Yes, you read that correctly.  Some of you already know about Dolly’s impending big sisterhood (because it’s hard for the Fine 9 to keep ANYTHING under wraps), but for those of you who didn’t, and are getting your typing fingers ready for a comment that involves…”YOU SAID YOU WERE DONE!!!”  We did.  Sorry for the lie y’all.  Life has changed us.  Specifically, this girl, and what she has fought and overcome, has changed us.

We’re blogging about never again saying never over at No Hands But Ours.  If you click over there, you’ll get to see Dolly’s new, and very much anticipated, LITTLE SISTER!!!

–FullPlateMom, who is about to be mom to DOUBLE DIGITS!

4 thoughts on “An Announcement from Dolly.

  1. Love this announcement and the article you wrote over at No Hands was beautiful, too. Every word. The honesty and the way you can say what’s in your heart – truly beautiful. I am so blessed to be part of your life and your journey.

  2. Congrats! When I saw the hints that you were adding to the family again, I was hoping it was this sweet little one. I can’t remember how I stumbled on your blog (it may have been your advocacy post for her!), but I am so, so thrilled at this news.

    Thank you for sharing your journey!

  3. Congratulations, my friend. I couldn’t think of a better family to take it on. 🙂

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