Four the First Time.

There once was a little boy who turned four (possibly for the second time, his family just isn’t sure).

FourHis mom decided that after missing out on so many celebrations with a family, he could have a day of doing just what he wanted (well, within reason).

Four-1It was no surprise to her that he wanted a Happy Meal.  What American child doesn’t?

But, then his mom told him about something amazing, something he had never heard of, and he IMMEDIATELY decided it had to be added to his birthday wish list.  What is this magic that she speaks of?  A store of ONLY toys?


How could it be?  Will wonders never cease?

Four-3There was happy dancing, right there in the aisles of Toys R Us.  In fact, there was so much happy dancing, that a coma was induced…


But soon there was a second wind, and a chance to celebrate again with the brothers and sisters he had waited ALL day for.  And because he so enjoyed the Memorial Day cook out experience, he asked not to eat in a restaurant but to dine al fresco on the family lanai (it’s really just a deck, but every once in awhile we like to pretend we’re fancy).

Four-5 We’re pretty sure his every birthday wish came true…

Four-6–FullPlateMom, whose heart melted about eighty times today.



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