Our Pretty Poppy.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented, emailed and private messaged words of support.  I got NO hate mail, so either people are becoming more understanding or they’ve given up on trying to tell me what’s best for MY family because they know I won’t listen.  I’m cool with whichever is happening, because mostly, I just don’t want to hear it.  People are allowed to feel the way they feel.

In case you missed her pics on No Hands But Ours, this our daughter.  She currently lives at Little Flowers in Beijing.  FPD really loves the name Poppy.  We couldn’t agree on it as a first name, but a full version of it became her middle name.  So, on this blog, she is now our Pretty Poppy.

Poppy has a special need, and just like Mighty, it is a visible difference.  I am going to explain it, because it’s easier to just openly discuss these things so that there is no wondering or awkwardness. In case you haven’t make the connection, Poppy is Haddie from our Advocacy page.  Yes, sometimes when you advocate for a child, you realize you’re doing it because they were meant to be yours and you just hadn’t realized it yet.  Turns out, her family is…US.  We thought Poppy might have cancer.  We stepped forward to adopt her thinking that was what would be, and we were okay with it.  So far, all indications point to her eye tumor being benign.  We feel very blessed by this.  The Radiologist in Beijing who read her MRI believes she has a Corneal Staphyloma.  While benign, the tumor is still growing rapidly.  There is no way to save her eye.

Our baby will have to have her eye removed.

We’re trying to race to her so that this surgery can be done in the U.S.  That may not be possible.  Her affected eye is becoming painful.  She can no longer blink to close it, and she rubs it a lot.  We are fortunate enough to have good communication between our agency and her foster home.  They aren’t allowed to contact each other directly, but going through the proper channels, we have gotten regular updates. Our Poppy is very well cared for.  At the moment, this is all that’s important.  Unlike Dolly, Poppy has someone who holds and loves her as she falls asleep.  I blurred her caretaker’s face for privacy reasons. Pretty PoppyShe has toys to play with and people who allow her to explore and learn. Pretty Poppy-3

Pretty Poppy-2She also has people who are working to prepare her for the transition that is about to come.  Even though she seems to little to understand, they are still working with her to get her ready.  This made a WORLD of difference for Mighty. Pretty Poppy-4There are a lot of unknowns for our girly.  We don’t know whether or not she’ll come to us with one eye or two.  We don’t know for sure whether this tumor is benign or malignant.  We don’t know how much vision Poppy has in her “good” eye.  We’ll cross those bridges when we come to them, just like we did for this girl, who taught us so much. Boston–FullPlateMom, who is about to double her quota of little, but fierce, girls.

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  1. You are an amazing family your life is so blessed and you inspire me to do and be better.. You truly are a angel from god. X

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