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Hi everyone!

I have yet another favor to ask of you.  I know I ask you all for a lot of favors, donating for this, viewing this, praying about that, but I’m asking it again for a fellow China Advocate.  I want to introduce you all to Meredith.  I became acquainted with Meredith while we were adopting our Dolly.  I messaged her about her sister, Brooke, who was having an open heart surgery that we thought would be similar to what Dolly would need.  I actually thought Meredith was Brooke’s mom.  Whoops!  She’s actually her sister, but this makes their story even more amazing.  Meredith went to China to volunteer at a foster home called New Day, and there was Brooke.  Just like Dolly, Brooke was waiting for her chance.  Meredith went home and found Brooke on the list China keeps of waiting children.  Y’all, searching that list is like searching the proverbial haystack for a needle. Meredith’s mom and dad went on to adopt Brooke.  Yes, Brooke is now Meredith’s baby sister.  It’s a miracle they found one another.  It’s a miracle that Brooke made it to them, through surgery and to today.

Meredith herself tells this story in a way I would never be able to do justice, with beautiful words and amazing grace that lends itself to encouraging other families.  She is a true storyteller.  She went on to tell the story of other orphans in a way that made me feel less afraid to take the leap with our baby.  Meredith has the chance to go to Rwanda now, to tell the stories of women living halfway around the world in a place that all of us need to get to know a little better.  Meredith brings to her stories all the optimism of youth, the kind I hope I never lose.  She is also wise beyond her years.  In her 20s, Meredith has found a voice that I didn’t find until my mid-30s.

Beyond all that, this girl wants you to vote for Meredith.  And, she’s cute, so…DO IT!!!  Click on Dolly’s pic below to go straight to the voting link.


If you’re still not convinced, please watch and listen to Meredith’s beautiful words, straight from her own mouth.

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