Cate, Sofia

With a Bullet

It has been ridiculously busy around here.  There is rarely a time that I will admit to being overwhelmed.  This last week was overwhelming.  There are so many things swirling around my head to write about though.

–We graduated a KG and a 5th grader this week.  It was so happy, and so sad, all at once.  I need to post pictures, but that will only happen when they come off my camera.  Sigh.

–Summer is upon us, and we’re homeschooling this summer to fill in some learning gaps that some of our children have.  Entering that world has been very interesting.  And a little crazy.

–I pushed my own kid into the pool yesterday.  On purpose.  It wasn’t a pretty picture.  I’m that kind of mom, and I promise to tell you all exactly why I am.

–Poppy will be having surgery, in China, in the next two weeks.  I’m going to update on the whys of this and how FPD and I are doing with the processing part of being absent for that.  We also have some adoption updates.

–Middle-Middle is learning to tweet.  That has been a good conversation about internet safety and appropriateness.

I think that’s it.  It’s probably enough, isn’t it?

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