A Poppy Surgery Update.

Without going into too many details that aren’t mine to share, Poppy will be rolling into the Operating Room in Beijing within the next 24 hours to have her eye removed.  She has been in terrible pain over the last couple of days, and her foster home has said now is the time.  We aren’t with her, but she looks pretty sad, so we have to trust that the people who are there are making the best decision possible for her.

PoppySo many emotions surround this day for us, but again, they all lead back to gratitude.  I’m grateful that she’s not lying there alone, like Dolly did, just fighting to hold on.  She’s with her nanny, who will stay by her side in the hospital.  She is in a huge city in China with a great hospital.  And, from afar, she is so, so loved.

Someone sent this to a friend today, and I cried when I read it.  It pertains to us too.




–FullPlateMom, who will most definitely be holding her nose as she leaps.

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