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Poppy Problems.

I have checked the mail about 56 times today.  We were fingerprinted on Friday.  I’m waiting for the approval of those fingerprints to come via the US Postal Service.  This is the seventh time we have been fingerprinted by Homeland Security.  It’s getting old, but the excitement associated with it isn’t.  While this is stressful, we’re thankful for the opportunity to adopt our Precious Poppy.

As we drove home from the Homeland Security Office on Friday we got a call from our Adoption Coordinator.  Poppy’s eye tumor has grown quite a bit again and she is in a pretty significant amount of pain.  Her left eye is bulging out of its socket.  She can’t close it all the way.  Poppy

She looks kind of miserable.  So, when our Adoption Coordinator said that her foster home feels she can’t wait anymore, we agreed.  Poppy will have her left eye removed within the next two weeks.  I have attempted to process this, but I just don’t know how to feel.  I am so grateful that someone cares that she is pain.  I am even more grateful that someone has stepped forward to pay for the surgery, anonymously, with nothing expected in return.  I am sad that when this happens I won’t be with her.  It meant the world to Dolly’s recovery to have me sitting there beside her every step of the way.  Alas, Poppy doesn’t know me from Adam.  So, I would only be sitting there for me.  Still, my heart hurts to be so far away.

This, however, makes me very happy…




She’s walking, just taking her first steps.  And, I have pictures of it!  That is a HUGE blessing.  I missed so many firsts for so many kids.  I have one picture each of Giggles and ShyGuy as an infant.  I have none of Bubbly or Mighty.  Poppy has a history, and a lot of people working very hard to give her a future.

–FullPlateMom, who can’t wait to be a part of that future.

3 thoughts on “Poppy Problems.”

  1. Poppy looks like an amazing little girl and you look like an amazing family! Where are your children all from. We have adopted from China and Haiti…We are adopting again from China. I’m looking forward to reading your blog! God Bless! Terry


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