A Mighty Athlete

Mighty is fitting in perfectly around here.  All the summer sports have inspired him.  He ran his first official race tonight.  A kids 50 yard dash at our local community track meet.  He was so excited to stand on that start line.  He told me over and over how fast he would run.  And, he did.

TrackHe ran his little heart out.

Track-2 Yes, that’s the Dolly behind him.  She is one child we DON’T push.  We’re happy she’s even out there, puffing along, turning slightly blue, but still trying so hard.


And, just in case you were wondering, that is the Diva in front of him, looking so fierce.  Even though the race was only supposed to be a 50 yard dash, she ran 400meters.  She blew right past the finish line and kept on running.


I asked her what was up with that?!?  She said “Today, I just felt like it.”  Hmmm…good to know.  I’ll have to remember that she can only do these things “when she feels like it.”  Good grief.

–FullPlateMom, who thinks all her kids are pretty mighty.

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