A Neglected Summer.

Dolly did beautifully in the OR, and her recovery has been GREAT.  Once she got into the Recovery Room we had a few problems with her Oxygen levels dropping to the low 60s.  Scary business.  About 16 people came rushing into the room, which was about twice as many as needed to be there, but it’s new Resident season and we were at a teaching hospital.  Dolly earned herself a STAT echo and after giving me a few new gray hairs, the diagnosis turned out to be…pissed.  She was in pain and REALLY mad.  She kept shouting “I WANT MY MOM!!!”  She may have heart issues, but we have no attachment concerns.  I like to find things to be grateful for.

Between this small medical crisis, the larger crisis of finding answers for our girl, and Cate’s adoption, this summer has been completely neglected.  There’s basically only six weeks of it left.  August is my month though.  Swimming ends.  Tutoring takes a break.  The pace slows.  I’ll celebrate a birthday in there, and I hope we’ll spend many, many days doing this…

Full Plate-2

Full Plate-3

Full Plate

Full Plate-1–FullPlateMom, who loves to just be present, doing nothing, with her kids.


2 thoughts on “A Neglected Summer.

  1. What is that carrier full plate dad is using with mighty? I have never seen one styled like that and I am quite intrigued

    1. Hi Emily! It’s AMAZING. It’s called a Piggyback Rider. It folds down into a very small bag, so it was easy to carry in China when FPD went to get Mighty. Because Mighty is standing on the support bar, it doesn’t force his legs into an awkward position like a baby carrier would, and Mighty isn’t a baby anyway. Mighty can clip and unclip himself if he wants to get up and down. It was invented by a dad, which I love. I get no compensation for the rave review, but if you buy through my Amazon link in the sidebar (on the right), it’s free to you, but we get a percentage of the money for Poppy’s foster home in China. Thanks!

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