Just because you’ve adopted eight times previously, know what you’re doing, and think that the fates owe you in easy adoption, you’re a darn fool to think you’re going to get it.

I realized that this week.

So, I’m sucking it up, sending about 18 emails and Facebook PMs per day and trying to get the Poppy train back on track.  We have no assurance that our dossier has been received in China or been logged in, except for the word of our agency.  Usually an official date appears on China’s database.  That hasn’t happened yet.  The agency says they KNOW the dossier has been received, and that would be good enough for me, except this isn’t the same agency we used previously for Mighty’s adoption (who were EXCELLENT).  We had to use the agency to which Dolly was assigned.  They’re not new to adoption, but they’re new to China, and I can only assume that’s where some of the difficulties with communication are originating from.  They’re not keeping me up to date, and when I ask very specific questions, I get vague answers.  Or, worse yet, I get ignored.

If you’ve met me in real life, you know that ‘vague’ or ‘ignored’ and I don’t get along.  At.all.  I want specific answers when I ask a specific question.  If the answer is ‘I don’t know,” then I want to hear it.  And, you should prepare for me to ask ‘Why don’t you know?’  I’m paying for a service.  If that service isn’t being rendered then I have the right to ask why.  Telling me that “adoption is a business” makes that business relationship flow two ways.  The agency needed the ‘revenue’ from Poppy’s adoption.  I need them to do their job.  If they’re understaffed, or don’t have the infrastructure to do that, then they need to tell me that too, and I’ll make my next move from there.  It would be foolish of me to work any other way.

Meanwhile, Poppy’s “bubble eye”, as Dolly has affectionately dubbed it, is getting larger and larger.  I can’t imagine that she’s very comfortable, but she is obviously being well cared for.

Poppy Feeding Herself.She looks very proud that she is able to feed herself.  Dolly couldn’t do that when she came home, and she was six months older.  Someone is doing all the things for her that should be done.  We are grateful for that.

But, it’s not us.  And by now, we should be getting close to giving her hug this picture just begs for.

Poppy Feeding Herself.-1I absolutely can’t wait to snuggle her messy little face.

Meanwhile, on the U.S. home front, life is in overdrive as we prepare for All City Swimming this week.  Summer will wind down after this, and preparations will be made to send the kids back for another year of school.  That breaks my heart a little too.  I want to squeeze out every drop of time this summer has left to offer us.

–FullPlateMom, who wishes life would move faster and slower all at once.

2 thoughts on “Foolish.

  1. Oh my gosh Please force your agency to double check this!!! I have a good agency but they thought my dossier was logged in
    and found out it had been unlocked and lost by CCWA for SIX months! I knew in the pit of my stomach that something was
    terribly wrong but didn’t want to pester them or make them feel bad so didn’t force them to call and check. By the time we did it was many months lost and our LOA was delayed because of it. This was our 5th adoption and like you said fate doesn’t owe you an easy one. Thankfully our son is home now but, we were in some pretty low places with this adoption emotionally.

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