Oh what a week, what a week.

It ended with a bang and it has kept on rolling.   We said goodbye to our beloved swimming club. Savor the Summer   Savor the Summer-1     We held our 2nd Annual Savor the Summer Family Picnic.  Savor the Summer-3   Savor the Summer-4   Savor the Summer-2 And then, just like that, we ushered in a new year of education. Savor the Summer-10

Savor the Summer-9

Savor the Summer-8

Savor the Summer-7

Savor the Summer-6

Savor the Summer-5They went back in shifts, because God must have known my heart couldn’t handle a completely empty house all at once. Savor the Summer-11 When this one went today though, it broke me a little.  I try not to think of how much time I missed with him, and instead allow myself to focus on the fact that he’s here, and we get to celebrate THIS first. Savor the Summer-12

Savor the Summer-13

Savor the Summer-14

All this action happened amongst some yo-yo news about Poppy.  We received what we consider miraculous news.  We have found a physician that thinks a corneal transplant may be possible for her.  She may be able to keep her eye!!!

Then, just as quickly as that miracle happened, it was put in jeopardy.  Her eye has ruptured.  It’s a small rupture, but it’s there.  She has an infection already.  So, she feels lousy and she’ll need more antibiotics. If there is even a small, minuscule, shadow of a chance that I can save her eye, I’m going to try, because again, I would want someone to do that for me.  If we fail, we fail.  Our girl is beautiful with one eye or two.   But someday, when I tell her the story that led to wherever we are, I want to be able to kiss her beautiful forehead and tell her “I did absolutely everything I could to give you your best shot.”

So, ResponsiBoy and I are leaving next week, whether or not our paperwork moves.  My dad has been kind enough to come with us for the first 10-14 days so that he can take ResponsiBoy home if this takes longer then it should.  Since her best shot involves getting us to the States ASAP, this mama is ready to move.some.mountains!!!

–FullPlateMom, who is dusting off her passport.

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