Adoption, Cam, Cate, China

With One Red Thumb.

I signed the papers that allowed us to adopt our girl officially.

Red Thumbs-1There’s a 24 hour period where we could have changed our minds.  This is the point that Mighty’s second family declined to move forward with his adoption.  Knowing that and then having Poppy for the mere 24 hours that I did and loving her as much as I do, made me understand even less how they could have chosen to say no.  Their loss is our gain.

Red Thumbs

Red Thumbs-3

Red Thumbs-4

Red Thumbs-5She’s ours forever now!

I have to take a moment to wish my dad (pictured above) a very happy birthday.  His gift, thus far, was a trip to Puyang (a 5 hour car ride) to get Poppy a passport.  Not much of a gift.  We’ll do better tomorrow.  Words can’t express how helpful he has been.  

–FullPlateMom, who feels like she leapt a major hurdle today, now on to a visa.

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