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The Day I Fed my Baby Pigeon Eggs, and Other Lessons Learned.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know yesterday and today were ROUGH.  We had major guide issues and then we had issues with the local travel agent trying to shake us down for a whole bunch of cash for a hotel bill that should be paid by credit card.  The guide has been fired and the hotel bill has been paid.  Phew.

Between these hard lessons, we did get to have some fun in Poppy’s home province of Henan.  We saw the Henan Museum.
Pigeon Eggs-1

Pigeon Eggs-2

Elephants are a symbol of our girl’s province, because many, many years ago, they roamed this part of the globe.  I thought that was pretty amazing to consider.  After we went to the museum, we found a local park for our girl to roam.

Pigeon Eggs-3

And because ResponsiBoy has been SO patient through all the bad guides and hours of dealing with the hotel bill, we found some rides, and because my dad is a kid at heart, he went with him.

Pigeon Eggs-6

The two Americans on the rides, drew quite a crowd of picture takers!  The man running the ride even let them go again for free.

When this was done, we drove to a local restaurant to sample some Henan cuisine.  To ResponsiBoy’s credit, he tried all the dishes.  Every single one.  Even the mystery soup.

Pigeon Eggs-7It had tiny, hard boiled eggs in it.  None of us were quite sure what animal they were from.  Poppy ate six of them.  Then my dad remembered this bird house in the park.

Pigeon Eggs-5

Pigeons.  Gag.  So ended our dining experience of Henan soup.  We don’t truly think they were pigeon eggs, but the thought…again…gag.  He REALLY enjoyed the sweet and sour pork though, and the barbecue kebabs.  I’m proud of him for trying.

Poppy’s eye has been bothering her more than usual today.  She slept well yesterday, but hardly at all overnight, and she has spent most of the morning screaming.  Here’s hoping for more days like these in the future…

Pigeon Eggs

–FullPlateMom, who is praying for relief for her girl.

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