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Yesterday had us saying goodbye to our FullPlateBupa (my amazing dad).  We’re not usually emotional people, but y’all there was some heavy sadness, as we waited in our boarding area for our train to Guangzhou and watched him board the train to Beijing, before being pushed through the turnstile by the flood of people boarding (you know, because queuing in China is unheard of) he raised him arm on my time and waved and ResponsiBoy looked at me and said “He’s gone.”  Yeah, yeah he is.  And so this very scary adventure continues with just us.

Luckily, our guide met us at the Guangzhou train station and she seems extremely competent, and, get this, she speaks ENGLISH.  Not French, like the last one.  Sweet Georgia Brown, that was awful.  And, I drew money off of my credit card here.  And, they have a money exchange MACHINE right in the hotel, one that took ALL my bills.  And, there are other Americans here, lots of them.  So, my point is, I’m giddy with happiness, and I think we’ll be alright.  Can I just get another shout out for my dad having been with us for the great travel agent shakedown?!? Because, at one point, I cried, and I am not a crier, and my dad was like, can I give you all the money in my wallet?!?  And I was like, dads, thank God for them.

Our room here is very nice, FullPlateBupa did us one more favor by securing us an upgrade to the Executive Floor with Lounge Privileges, prior to his departure.  Again, I thank God for dads who are willing to go the extra mile.  After having stayed at The Garden Hotel last time, this hotel is slightly older, but the location is MUCH better.  There’s room for Poppy to run at not one, but TWO parks, on either side of the hotel.  There’s a grocery store inside the hotel, which I’m sure is price gauging like crazy, but not having to pantomime to get some baby wipes is worth the added cost.

After so many days of stress, I promised ResponsiBoy a day of fun.  And fun we had, like once in a lifetime fun.

Today ResponsiBoy, Poppy and I headed for Safari Park.  Today’s school journal entry from ResponsiBoy is all about how hard Chinese Zoos ROCK.  He was AMAZED.

We took a train ride.  That had us getting up close and personal with some animals.

Safari Park-1This one is for FullPlateDad.  He loves tapirs, and usually, they do nothing.  This one was up and moving around.  In fact, it moved so close to me, I probably could have touched it, but who knows what they throw people in jail for around here.  Tapir touching isn’t something I want to be incarcerated for.  And, I hear Chinese jail isn’t very nice.

Safari Park-2You can’t come to China without finding a panda or two.  Or, you shouldn’t, so, we did.

Safari Park-8

Safari Park-9But, the thing about this zoo that really ROCKED ResposiBoy’s world were the feeding experiences.  We did them all.

We fed the giraffes.

Safari Park-3Then the elephants…

Safari Park-4

Safari Park-5Yes, this is ResponsiBoy THROWING bananas into an elephant’s open mouth.  How many kids can say they’ve done that?

Safari Park-6We also fed a FULL GROWN white tiger, but sadly, those pics are all on ResponsiBoy’s camera, because I was forced to use the point and shoot due to the fact that this girl, who had charged around the zoo the entire day as if she owned the place, finally crashed HARD.

Safari Park-7

All in all, it was a perfect day.  One that I’m certain ResponsiBoy will remember forever.

–FullPlateMom, who think there’s just something about chubby baby thighs that makes a heart happy.

One thought on “Poppy on Safari

  1. Such an awesome post! I am so happy that ResponsiBoy’s world was totally rocked being there. That’s one thing I look forward to doing. Beijing? Done it! A dinner cruise? Done it. Temples? Done it. Amazing zoos? Done it too… but we can’t get enough of animals. Especially getting to feed them! It reminds us of how paradise will be. My daughter will love love love getting to feed some baby tigers.
    Your daddy’s departure was so sad. But how awesome are daddies? Always there to open their wallets to us 🙂
    And Poppy in full swag,
    I love it!

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