Adoption, Cam, China

Pearl River Cruising with New Friends.

I have reached out more with this adoption then I ever have in the past.  When you’re left with less in country support than you’ve ever had in the past, after you just up and LEFT to get your child with no real plans, you kind of have to look around you for companionship and for help getting out and around.

We have been abundantly blessed to be here now, with the people we have met.  One family in particular has been so kind to us.  While we are the only family traveling with our adoption agency, and we planned no outside tours, another agency that provides EXCELLENT in country support for their families adopted us.  Thanks Holt.  Y’all are so kind.

Thank you Murphy Family for letting us be part of your journey.  If you all haven’t read Lisa’s book, you need to.  We were so blessed to learn about their son Daniel and the joy he brought during his too short time on earth.  We were also so blessed to be allowed to watch Joseph enter their family.  If you are interested in reading Lisa’s story of hope, you need to pick up a copy of her book With an Open Heart.

Lisa and her husband Jimmy invited us to join them and the rest of Holt’s group on a Pearl River Cruise.  When I was here with Dolly in 2012, she was sick, and I was sick, so we didn’t get to do any of these things.  It was SO nice for ResponsiBoy to be able to see so much during our trip.  This was amazing for him, and we got to meet so many wonderful adoptive families.  Families who inspire both of us.

Here we are aboard the Golden Dragon, and some of the amazing views we were treated to along the way.

Pearl River Cruising-7


Pearl River Cruising-3

Pearl River Cruising-4

Pearl River Cruising-5

Pearl River Cruising-1

Pearl River Cruising-2

Here is ResponsiBoy with the people he will never forget.  Today, as we said goodbye, Joseph gave him the sweetest high five.  I can’t wait to see what life will bring for this little boy, and his new mama and baba!

Pearl River Cruising-6–FullPlateMom, who feels abundantly blessed for the community adoption knits.

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