Nearly Five Years Later, She Still Finds Comfort Here.

Nearly five years ago , I wrote a post about Giggles and how she finds comfort in our kitchen.

Five years later, it still holds true.  Giggles has always liked the familiar.  When she came to the U.S., she came from a home where, even though she was only nine-years-old, she did a lot of the cooking.  While it may have looked different in Ghana, like over an open flame kind of different, it was her job.  It was her routine.  When we removed her from that routine and brought her to the land of plenty, we didn’t want Giggles to have to work any more.  No more cooking for her family.  We wanted her to get to be a kid.

She was stumped.  What was she supposed to do now?  Play all day?  That felt weird?  She had always been useful, had a place, now what the heck was she supposed to do?  She sat down and cried.  Finally, I figured it out and I gave her small jobs, and the choice as to whether or not she wanted to do them.  Lots of times, we did them together.  And FullPlateDad began to have her cook with him.  Now, Giggles will sometimes cook dinner all by herself, and I’ll merely be her sous-chef and plate and serve the food she’s made.

Lots of times she turns on music and includes the littles in her culinary endeavors.  This weekend she made three different kinds of cookies, about six dozen total.  The kids were thrilled.




And, she even cleans up when she’s done.


–FullPlateMom, who isn’t at all sad to have more help feeding this crew.

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