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Adoption Agencies, What Should You Know?

Did you see my sidebar?  Did you see the GIANT image there?  The one below all the yummy looking food.  Keep scrolling.  Got it?!?



If you click on it, you’ll be brought to the website of a particular adoption agency.  Specifically, the one we used to adopt Mighty.  I know, it’s so weird to see that here, on this blog, right?

I have just filled out the paperwork to become an Advocate for the children listed with them.  They have agreed to allow this.  That’s right, they didn’t ask me.  I asked THEM.  I am, in no way, shape or form being compensated by them.  Since FPD will NOT be adopting any time soon (we have too much debt from Poppy’s adoption, and man, our house is full), it was the perfect time to do this.  No possible conflict of interest.

I’ve never advocated for the children of only ONE agency before.  Prior to this, I found waiting children that touched my heart and advocated for them specifically.  In fact, this is how we found Poppy.  I was looking for a family for her, and I found out…we were that family!  Poppy is a miracle, and I am so, so very grateful she is here with us.

I am grateful for the seven Social Workers and EIGHT agencies that brought us our children.  Yes, that’s 15 adoption/social work agencies that were involved in the adoptions of our ten children.  I’ve seen it all, y’all.  All agencies and adoption professionals aren’t created equal.  Our Ghanaian adoption of Giggles and ShyGuy was a NIGHTMARE.  A completely unethical nightmare.  I would never recommend that to anyone.  In fact, I usually tell people that adoption was a case study for how NOT to adopt.  We’ve also had Social Workers in our home who were a nightmare…a judgmental, power tripping nightmare.  Our WACAP Social Worker is a dream.  Yes, WACAP does our home studies too even though we live nowhere near Seattle.  One stop shopping!  I love it!

Knowing this, and keeping it in mind, FullPlateDad and I decided to speak up FOR WACAP.  FullPlateDad had the smoothest in country adoption process we have ever had when we adopted Mighty.  And, the support that the agency offered in the way of grants and advocacy for Mighty prior to the adoption was amazing.  They gave us a $4000 grant toward his adoption expenses and they were willing and able to get us as much as information as China would give us.  They do this for a ton of their waiting kids.  It is our personal experience, and the hearts of the staff at WACAP, have us eternally grateful to them.

So, we’re giving back.

I get 4-5 emails or Facebook messages per week asking me which agency I would recommend for China adoption.  So, here it is!!!


–FullPlateMom, who is WACAP Strong, baby!

2 thoughts on “Adoption Agencies, What Should You Know?”

  1. WACAP is awesome. We are on our second adoption with them. Not sure we will ever use anyone else. Id love to be an advocate for them as well. if you would like to email me on how to do just that, that would be spectacular!




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