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The Boy in the Little Yellow Coat.

While I was in China adopting Poppy, I was forced to come to terms with the fact that, for the foreseeable future, Poppy’s adoption will be our last.  We are out of room in this house, and FullPlateDad is DONE.  I won’t lie, it’s not cheap to adopt, and we’ve used all our savings now and actually went into debt to bring Poppy home.  It’s debt we can manage, and she is worth it.  So, while the last time a child haunted me in this way, she came to be ours, that is not the case here.  That’s my disclaimer for all of you in doubt.

The boy in the little yellow coat haunts me .  I saw his picture while I was in China meeting Poppy and I thought ‘oh my gosh, if only…!’ He looks so solemn, standing there in a color usually associated with such sunshine and cheer.


He reminds me of another little boy who was listed with WACAP, was also overlooked, and who looked pretty  darn solemn in his referral pictures.


That little boy eventually became this little boy.


In the world of The Full Plate, he is now known as Mighty.  If you’ve been blessed enough to meet Mighty, you know that he lives out LOUD.  There is nothing solemn about his personality at all.  I know I am only imagining, but I imagine this little boy to be the same.  He needs a smile and a laugh coaxed out of him.

It’s so hard to see what could be from one, two or three solemn little photos.  I bet that this little boy has moments of joy.  And I would be willing to bet that his laughter is music to someone’s ears.  Here’s the deal though, he needs a family.  And, like our Mighty, because he is a boy, it will be harder to find him one.  He’s not a baby.  That’s strike two.  He has a visible need, ouch, the chances are getting slimmer and slimmer.

This little boy is affectionately referred to as ‘Louie’ on WACAP’s Waiting Child List.  He just turned 3-years-old.  Louie has a condition known as Arthrogryposis.  The joints in Louie’s arms don’t bend.  This isn’t a progressive condition, meaning, it won’t get worse.  He was born with it, and often, it can be repaired in the States, or at least, the effects can be lessened.  But sadly, there is no one to help with that in China.  So, while Louie tries to feed himself, it’s difficult, and messy.  Can you imagine how that will be for him as an adult?  In China, there is no care for those who can’t work.  If Louie can’t get a job, because his arms won’t work, he’ll end up begging on the streets.  I’m not trying to depress anyone, I’m just being realistic about the bleakness of his future if he continues to be without a family.  I love my children’s birth country, but it has a long way to go to help those that need it.  And, every child deserves a family.  Louie is no exception.  If you think Louie might be your son, please email me at  I’ll tell you how to fill out WACAP’s pre-app (NO money involved) and then we can look at Louie’s file together!!!  I even know a wonderful pediatrician who would be willing to give you her opinion on Louie’s growth and development as reflected in his file.

WACAP is offering a $4,000 grant for Louie’s adoption.  He also has an account on Reece’s Rainbow.  100% of the money donated to Reece’s Rainbow will go directly to the adoption agency to offset Louie’s adoption expenses.  Maybe you’re not Louie’s family?  That’s okay.  You can donate your coffee money, spare change or your entire trust fund (ohhh…wouldn’t that be nice!) to help someone who otherwise might not have been able to adopt, step out for Louie.  This is expensive, but that really shouldn’t matter.  What should matter is finding a family that deserves all the sunshine that Louie will bring to their home.

Because, Louie’s life matters.

–FullPlateMom, who is going to make her weekly donation right now.  Big or small, they all help.

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