Poppy’s Big Day in Pics

Thank you for praying, sending healing thoughts, and in general, surrounding our girl with love on her big day.

She did beautifully!

This day that was filled with so much anxiety and worry for me as her mom, went wonderfully.  We’re approaching 48 hours now and she hasn’t shed one tear from pain.  The worst we had was a slightly upset tummy.  Otherwise, she has been her usual happy self.  We’ve dosed her pain meds to stay ahead of any discomfort and now we’re stretching out the dosing to see if she is feeling good enough to wean her off of them.

I don’t share pics of any of my kids at their worst, but in this case, there aren’t any.  I try not to take pics at moments the kids need comfort anyway, but Poppy stayed pretty relaxed the entire time.  This is a pretty good indicator that our girl lived with some pretty chronic pain.  The thought of that hurts my heart.  But, I’m glad this went as well as it did.

Poppy started the day as the first case in the OR, so she slept comfortably through check-in.

Poppy Surgery

Since we’re big believers in medical play helping to ease any anxiety, we walked the halls giving check-ups to all the staff.

Poppy Surgery-1

And to our beloved “Mao” (aka “Kitty”).

Poppy Surgery-2

She recovered the same way she had started the day, in my lap, without shedding a tear.

Poppy Surgery-3

But, everyone does better at home, so we busted out of the place by 2pm, in time for her to be tucked into my bed by the time the kids hit the door from school.

Poppy Surgery-4

They all DROPPED their stuff and scrambled in to kiss her, tell her how brave she is and give her the crown she deserves for being everyone’s princess.

Poppy Surgery-6

But, that sleep lasted about 25 minutes before she heard the kids in the next room bustling around with all their after school activities.  She scrambled to get off the bed and join in on the action.

Poppy Surgery-5

Our discharge instructions from the hospital say ‘No outside play for seven days.”  Um, yeah, we try to be careful, but there is no keeping this girl inside.  So, 24 hours after surgery, we did take her out to enjoy the last few days of sunshine this fall.

Poppy Surgery-7


Poppy Surgery-8

–FullPlateMom, who knows you can’t keep this girl down.


  1. You blog really interests me and I enjoyed reading some of it. I am second oldest of 8 children. We are all grown up now. I thought we had some commonalities. I am a RN also and 3 of my siblings are from Ethiopia. What a challenge and whirlwind that was growing up!! Since your blog site is well established, and I am beginning mine, check out some of my blog content and comment if you like.

    Cheers, Shannon


  2. What a Precious Precious Girl! She has a very special place in my heart, I am so relieved that she is at Home. That she is a Beloved Daughter! And, that she has the best family ever. Hugs & Kisses to Sweet Poppy.
    Love, Jo Moseley


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