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This Old House.

Life has been chaotic and so busy around here.  Apparently, I felt in need of a project, you know, since we’re not adopting anyone currently and there is no paperwork to be chased.  It is very apparent that we’re running out of space here in our home.  We currently have five bedrooms and three bathrooms.  While it sounds like a lot, the kids are having a rough time of it.  So, we decided to make the choice between adding on and moving on.

We opened a can of worms like no one could have imagined.  Getting a contractor to call us back was an ordeal.  I interviewed 12 and, thus far, ONE has responded, and they have yet to draw us any sort of plan or give us an estimate on what adding on the way we’re hoping to might cost.  I got so exceedingly frustrated that I gave up and went to an open house for a model home for a subdivision just down the road.  This lead to opening our home to the world’s most irritating realtor just so that we could see what selling our home would look like.  Have you all seen pictures of the inside of my house?  We keep it pretty clean.  It doesn’t look like ten children live here.  This is what greets you upon entering.  DSC_0017

This Realtor.  He didn’t mean any harm, but let’s just say, he doesn’t get us, and he doesn’t get why this house is so important to us.  This was the house that Giggles and ShyGuy came to when they didn’t feel like they had a home at all anymore.  Giggles has confided that at that time, it felt weird.  It felt wrong.  Slowly, it grew on her, and as she felt like part of the family, this house, it began to feel like home.  This is the house whose driveway I pulled out of, my baby in the back of the car, and drove her tiny, frail self to the hospital to have her heart fixed.  I didn’t know if she would return to that house ever again.  This is the house that will see us do that a few more times.  Each time, it will be waiting to nurse her back to health.  This is the house that has accessibility should she need to live here as an adult.  It has a shower that was designed with a wheelchair in mind, just in case.

This is the house FPD and I bought never knowing how many people it would see us raise.  This is the house I would like to bring our grandkids to.  The Realtors we met with today seemed to get that.  I’m thankful for that.  We’ll see how the next few months play out.  We’ll see what is able to be done to accommodate us as we move to the next phase.  But, I think we’ve all learned just how much this house…our home, means to us.

–FullPlateMom, who spends a lot of time on Pinterest lately, make sure to check her out.

2 thoughts on “This Old House.”

  1. How on earth do you keep your house looking that clean? Do you do a lot of delegating tasks? Very impressive! Best wishes as you move forward!


  2. I have been reading your blog for a few months now. My husband and I have 6 kids (we adopted 2 from China and 1 from Ethiopia). We are in the process of finishing an addition onto our home, and in the last year we went through quite a process from brainstorming ideas about what we would do, to popping up the frame of the addition and finishing the exterior…our interior is left for us to work on this winter! I wanted to share that God led us to two really great architects — they are a husband/wife duo. We are SO SO HAPPY that we used them! They totally understood our family, as they have 6 kids, have also adopted, and have kiddos with special needs, and they were a step ahead of us in putting an addition onto their house for some very similar reasons as ours. They are just masters at thinking about space. After working with them, I would now call them friends. I was initially concerned about working with an architect as I imagined it would be an unnecessary expensive cost, but in hindsight it would have been much more costly (in more ways than just financial) to NOT use them. I wanted to share their info with you, because I understand the challenge of contractors (we started the process off with a really bad contractor experience, though I must say we found a great contractor in the end) and how helpful it is when someone can really understand your experience, perspective, and passions. Their website is:


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