Sweet Shiloh.

Meet sweet Shiloh!  Shiloh lives in China and is waiting for a family.  Yesterday, I wrote about our daughter Dolly and her complex heart.  Shiloh’s heart is equally as complex.  He is also completely uncorrected.  So, while Dolly lived to the age of 22 months with no heart help.  Shiloh is now 7-years-old.  Seven.  He has had no heart interventions.  None.

I received Shiloh’s file while Dolly was in the cath lab, having her own unique heart checked.  I was waiting for news on my own girl and took one look at Shiloh’s file and thought “Oh God…no.”  As I often do, when I have access to a peds Cardiologist, I snuck one in on him by saying ‘Hey, could you just take a quick look at this for me?’  Reluctantly, they always agree,  *Insert sinister laugh*, and the Cardiologist agreed that Shiloh’s lack of correction poses extra challenges for his care going forward.  He also has six fingers on one hand.  This could indicate a syndrome that would pose an extra challenge.  Aside from having a giant hole in his heart, that much like Dolly, has rendered him with basically one pumping chamber for his heart, Shiloh has also got valve issues that will need some intervention.  All of this is likely causing him to be blue with activity, which is what his foster family describes in his profile.

Now that I’ve said all this, now that I’ve totally bummed everyone out, I want you to do me a favor.

Look at this boy.  Just REALLY look.



I have a daughter that I describe as having one very broken heart, that sustains one tiny body, that houses one GIANT spirit.

I imagine Shiloh to be exactly the same.  You can see it from his picture.  You can actually see his spirit radiating out of him.  What has he got to smile about?  On paper, it would seem…nothing.  In reality, he finds every reason to smile.  I need someone out there, someone reading this, to make a choice for Shiloh.  It’s a big one.  Are you ready?

I need someone to choose HOPE for him, because before you chose it for him, he chose it for himself.

I need you to see past the broken heart, and the tiny body that houses it, and I need you to choose HOPE for this GIANT spirit.  I want you to see what the staff at WACAP saw when they visited with Shiloh in October.  I want you to see the little boy who stood in front of them and showed them how he could count ALL his fingers, all the way to eleven (yes, he counted his extra finger, because why wouldn’t you?!? It makes you special) and then he showed them how he could count beyond that even.  I want you to see the little boy who tries to run and play, even when he turns blue.  I want you to see the little boy who is surviving beyond all conceivable odds.

I want you to see a miracle.  And, when you do, I want you to feel this way.

IMG_3716Because, this is what Shiloh deserves.

Has your soul been looking for someone?  Could it be Shiloh?  If so, and you have any questions about parenting a child with severe Congenital Heart Disease, please contact me.

–FullPlateMom, whose soul found it’s match ten times over, and would love to talk to you about the joy that adoption brings.

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