On This Day of Thanks.

I have so many things to be thankful for.  A lot of people are probably feeling that way today.  Being that Thanksgiving is an American holiday, there isn’t any turkey or stuffing for Harold.  He might think eating turkey is a little odd anyway.  We all know that’s not the truly important part of Thanksgiving though.  Isn’t it really about spending time with loved ones? For most of us, with family.  That might be a little odd for Harold too.  You see, he’s 8-years-old, and he’s never had one.

There’s no table for Harold to sit at with his family and tell them what he’s thankful for.  There’s no laughing over pumpkin pie.  There’s no gathering around the TV after dinner to watch football.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see Harold have that next year?  Harold lives with a foster family who takes wonderful care of him…for now.  That’s not the same as having a forever family though.  He plays the piano, and would like to continue.  Do you have room for some music in your home?



Harold has a heart like Dolly’s.  He has a single ventricle and has already had a B-T shunt procedure in China.  According to his file, Harold is very healthy now.  Harold will need ongoing cardiac care though, and his care will be better with a mom and decide by his side.

Do you have room at your Thanksgiving table for Harold?



–FullPlateMom, who would love to see Harold have a family to be thankful for.

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