Child-Like Wonder

Our sweet Dolly has an obsession with “the holidays” and “the holiday spirit.”  She talks about Christmas endlessly.  The lights, the snow, Santa Clause, the sweet baby Jesus who is waiting to be set in our manger, she is abuzz about all of it.  When I was so worried about her, before her last heart cath, I made a promise that we were going to live it up this holiday.  We were going to spend time together as a family just enjoying the child-like wonder of the holiday season.  We’re taking small trips to do all the things she loves: see the lights, ride carousels and drink A LOT of hot chocolate.

This weekend we did Chicago.  We had an awesome Groupon for Winter Wonder Fest at Navy Pier where, you guessed it, there was a carousel.






I hope she never loses that child-like wonder that accompanies riding a carousel.  Such a simple ride, with so much meaning for me now.  She has made it so that I don’t think I will ever look at a carousel the same way.  Ever.  Thank you for that Dolly.

There were so many other simple pleasures this weekend.  The big kids and FPD got to ice skate on the rink inside of Navy Pier.


And, thanks to the Orland Square Mall, we got to enjoy some one on one time with Santa.  Dolly couldn’t have been more thrilled.  She woke up this morning, opened an eye and asked if today was finally the day.  Would she FINALLY get to see Santa?

When we got to his little village, she couldn’t help but peek and see if she could catch a glimpse.  Such child-like wonder.


Then, all of the sudden, there he was.


He took the time to chat with all the kids, even the ones who are clinging to the child-like wonder of Christmas with the very tips of their fingers, not allowing it to slip away quite yet.

He was endlessly patient as we lined everyone up for a pic.


Then, Santa squeezed my hand and told me how blessed I am.  I am, Santa.  I truly am.  Child-like wonder at the family God has blessed me with.

When we arrived home, we celebrated my German-American heritage with a small token in our stockings from St. Nicholas.






–FullPlateMom, who knows nothing says Christmas more than a Nerf dart to the eye.


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