Broken heart, Tess

My Little Life Bows to Your Little Life.

For the past few months, Dolly has been taking a Storybook Yoga class.  Taking these types of classes is a right of passage for preschoolers.  Up until now, I’ve kept Dolly out of them.  She’s weak.  She has little to no immune system.  She tires easily.  Gymnastics, dance, they’re all too much for her.  Yoga is something she can do.  Turns out, she loves it.  She is probably the oldest child in the class.  I worried she would feel odd about that.  Nope.  She loves “all the babies who come to do yuga!”  She gets so excited about taking on a leader role.

We have taken what the class has had to offer and moved it to other areas of life too, like medical appointments.  Dolly is starting to show some signs of anxiety surrounding doctor’s visits, procedures, surgeries, etc.  It stinks.  She used to walk into visits with her head held high, and not a care in the world.  Now she wants to know exactly what’s going to happen, and sometimes, even then, the tears flow.  We are working hard on guided imagery (she likes to imagine herself on her favorite horse on Cinderella’s Golden Carousel) and breathing just the way she does with “Miss Yisa” (aka Miss Lisa) in “yuga class.”

Tiny Yogi-3Warming up.

Tiny Yogi-2Kitty pose.

Tiny Yogi-1Cow pose.  Yes, there is actual moo-ing involved.

Tiny YogiDeep breathing.  In and out.

Tiny Yogi-5The kids take a “yoga rest” during every class.  During this time, Dolly gets a back rub and we practice making our body feel peaceful.  Handy for when we need to be peaceful for something painful.

Tiny Yogi-4At the end of each class, Miss Yisa sings a song about how “My little light bows to your little light.”  Dolly doesn’t say “light”though, she says “life”.  It was an innocent mistake that Miss Lisa and I decided captured to true meaning of the song, and the essence of all that is Dolly.

–FullPlateMom, whose life truly does bow to her daughter’s little life.  Namaste.

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