Diagon Alley

Today we met a few wizards who cast a spell and we all ended up in Diagon Alley.

Diagon Alley Some of us still needed wands so we showed up at Ollivander’s for the perfect match.

Diagon Alley-2

No trip to London’s most magical row would be complete without some puking pastilles.

Diagon Alley-1And a round of butter beer.

Diagon Alley-7And who would want to miss a trip to Honeyduke’s?

Diagon Alley-6Even the boogie flavored ones taste good.

Diagon Alley-4Hold on to those chocolate frogs!

Diagon Alley-5

It was a truly magical day.

Diagon Alley-3–FullPlateMom, who can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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