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The Magic of Princesses

Yesterday was all about making little dreams come true.

We told some princesses ALL about ourselves.  “Do you know some sing about me? No?  I LOVE YUGA! I do it all the time.”  Turns out, Elsa loves it too!  Imagine that!


Princesses-6No one was allowed between Poppy and Anna.  She wedged her little body right in there.  She thought she was AMAZING.

Princesses-1By the last greeting, Poppy was enamored.  She’ll be wearing a princess dress at next year’s greetings for sure.  For now, the jacket that she’s wearing was mine, from my first trip to Disney World in the early 80s.


We rode boat rides through magical lands.


Princesses-2And the big kids pretended to enjoy every second of it.  What more could you ask?


–FullPlateMom, who isn’t ready for this to be over.

1 thought on “The Magic of Princesses”

  1. I just wanted to let you know that your blog is one that I constantly look forward to being updated!! Your positive outlook and amazing love for life and incredibly big heart is awe inspiring!! Keep it up Becky!!


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