Out with a BANG!

Our vacation ended in a way that didn’t disappoint when it came to ending.  We drove right into the middle of a blizzard.  FPD is no stranger to driving through the snow, so we were committed to continuing on.  Sadly, the state troopers had different ideas.  They kicked us off the highway, which was likely for the best, because when we were able to get through the next day, the side of the road was littered with cars in the ditch and jack-knifed semis.

It looked like this outside.

Super Bowl Blizzard-1

Super Bowl BlizzardSo we stayed like this and enjoyed the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Blizzard-2Not a bad way to end the vacay.

–FullPlateMom, who is happy to home, but isn’t especially happy that it is snowing…AGAIN!

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