Her Baby Gigi.

If you ever met me in real life, you would wonder if I ever STOPPED talking.  There are so many things I’m passionate about.  This girl who turned FOUR yesterday, for example.  All she asked for was to share a little yuga with her siblings.  So, everyone who could come, did.  And, we all became yogis with her.

Dolly turns 4!

She wanted to be sung to.  So, we all did.

Dolly turns 4!-1

Dolly turns 4!-2

Other than that, she asked me for nothing.  She would like a bath robe sometime in the future, but we just returned from Disney World.  She said we can find one “in a sale.”  This girl.  I love her.  And, I ordered her an Anna & Elsa bathrobe from Amazon last night.

If we spoke in real life, I would tell you about all the other children out there just like her.  The ones who don’t have families, and deserve them.  The ones who sit, and wait, with broken hearts and bodies, needing a mom or dad too.  I would tell you with so much passion about the gift and privilege that is adoption.  I might even share with you pictures of some of the kids I have been privileged enough to witness joining a family.

I would tell you about my niece, whom I adore, but who had a rough start and is so lucky to have found my sister and brother-in-law, but how they are ten times luckier to get to experience the joy that is their daughter.  I would tell you about our neighbor who is about to embark on her own journey to China to bring home her son, who came from the same foster home as our Poppy did.  He’s an older boy who likely would still be waiting had they not decided that “their own” four boys needed another brother.  I can’t wait to see them bring home their son and feel the same way we did, that while this journey is about 10,000 miles long, had we not chosen to take it, life would have been so woefully incomplete.

This week, if you met me in real life, I would share with you pictures of this little girl.

Photo 2

Photo 1

When we brought Poppy home, Dolly insisted that she wasn’t the only baby out there who needed her, that there was another little girl who she had to help.  She insisted that we needed to look for her other baby.  She named her other baby, Gigi.  Dolly has talked about “her baby Gigi” for months.  When I saw this little girl, in honor of Dolly, her advocacy name became Gigi.  This little girl happens to have a combination of Dolly and Poppy’s needs.  She has a broken heart, and one functional eye.  She is also profoundly deaf. According to the multiple specialists I have spoken with, it is possible that all these needs came from in utero Rubella (commonly known as German Measles) exposure.  This disease, in the right trimester of pregnancy, can cause significant birth defects.  Brain damage is a possibility.  There are so many unknowns for our sweet Gigi.  Please email me if you would like more information.

What I do know is that her life will be unimaginable if she isn’t chosen.  Her videos show so much potential.  So much.  Someone is going to need to take a giant leap into the unknown for her.  We did for Dolly, and had we not, our lives would have been so very incomplete.

–FullPlateMom, who wants you to know that even if you can’t be Gigi’s mom or dad, you can still start this journey for her, by donating here.

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