Adoption, Cate

Six Months With A Wild Woman

Six months ago today, Poppy was placed in my arms.  She was so scared and in so much pain, that it took a long time to meet the ‘real’ Poppy.  Cate's First Day

Cate's First Day-1

Cate's First Day-2We got tiny glimpses in country.

Cate's First Day-3And, a little more once she was home.

Cate's First Day-4But, it wasn’t until we had her painful eye tumor removed that we saw the REAL her.

Cate's First Day-5The girl who would eat the candy wrapper to get to the chocolate.

Cate's First Day-7The girl who never sits still for a picture.

Cate's First Day-9And family photos?

Cate's First Day-8Forget about it!

I once told someone that I wasn’t sure how it had happened, but God had given me ALL demure, well-behaved women.

Poppy broke the female Full Plate mould.

–FullPlateMom, who is so proud of that shattered mould, she could just burst.  Here’s to wild women EVERYWHERE!!!

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