From the Outside Looking In.

I have always been pretty vocal about the adoption process, what lead us to our kids, and the process we went through to get to them.  As we were going through it, I had people who held my hand when I needed it, lifted me up when I was knocked to my knees, and cried with me when things didn’t work out the way I thought they should.

When we brought Poppy home, I wrote to WACAP (see their link in my sidebar) and asked if I could become an Advocate.  Could I have a role in talking with prospective families about waiting kids and help, if they needed it, guide them through the process.  They were kind enough to take me on in a volunteer capacity.  Since coming home with Cate six months ago, I have seen a few of ‘my’ kids in the beginning stages of coming home.  I get to see their parents work on their paperwork, find resources, and fall completely in love with the idea of being their mom or dad.

I am so completely blessed to be a part of watching this happen.



There is a mama in China right now with her new little boy who is doing a phenomenal job of helping her new son learn to trust her.  I remember sitting with her in a coffee shop almost a year ago talking about what these moments might be like.  All that preparation helped, I hope, but she took off from there, researched, soul searched, breathed in and out and leapt.  Adoption is a leap, a planned and prepared for, educated, leap.  You will, once there, have to fly by the seat of your pants on more than one occasion.    I am watching her beautiful journey from the outside looking in now, and it is a different kind of amazing.

The end product is always beautiful.

If you’re looking for some excellent pre-adoption resources or a wonderful agency to work with.  Or, if you’ve been knocked to your knees by the process or the trauma your child has come to you with, please reach out.  I’m here to help.

–FullPlateMom, who is so humbled to be allowed to be a part of this process.

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