One Perfect Day.

It’s Spring Break week here at FullPlate Manor.  We are working on knowing our limits though, and it is beyond my ability right now to plan a vacation and execute in any sort of successful way.  So, we all decided to stay home and just be.  Changes are coming.  Week after next Dolly will roll into the OR for another heart surgery, a big one.  And, next week we will commence ripping our house apart to create a better floor plan for our ever-changing family.

When the weather was beautiful yesterday and work ended at 11am for me, I was so grateful.  We decided, some of us took some major convincing, to go for a family hike.  I am blessed enough to have had moments where I look at the world around me and think ‘this is what heaven must look like all the time.’  How many people can do that?  How many people get a perfect day?

I stopped to count my blessings, which include little boys who are growing in self-confidence every day, who are sure they run like the wind.
One Perfect Day-3Tiny girls who hike as far as they can.One Perfect Day-2And then have a daddy to carry them.

One Perfect Day-4For children who would have never known each other if it weren’t for the miracle that adoption brings, who are are becoming closer than any biological siblings I have ever known, and who I know will have each other’s backs as I launch them into the world.

One Perfect Day-5For the boy who is overcoming his past teachings to embrace having a brother who is small, will always be small, and who he defends and loves fiercely.

One Perfect Day-13For the girl who never had a dad at all and is now closest to the father adoption brought to her, and because of this, who I know that will look for a man who loves her like he does, for all of her, for who she truly is.

One Perfect Day-1Most of all, I am thankful for the children in my home who continue to heal.

One Perfect Day-14–FullPlateMom, who prays for more perfect days.  She just can’t help herself.

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