Interested in Adopting from China? I’ve Got A Toolkit for YOU!

I get a good 5-10 emails per month asking me about adopting.  I LOVE IT! I welcome it.  I encourage it.  We have adopted from the U.S., Ghana and China now.  There are MANY avenues to adoptions.  You have about a thousand different ways you could go about it.  Right now, I find China to be the easiest path to bringing home a child. Ghana is currently closed to new adoption applications while they work toward Hague compliance. The state we live in no longer allows us to be foster parents.  We have too many children in our home for their liking.  This is their right to believe that.  Many other countries feel that way.  China doesn’t.   I know the China adoption process like the back of my hand.  I am very involved in the China adoption community.

One must consider all these aspects when they consider adoption.  You need to find where you are comfortable.  We also feel prepared to, and capable of, parenting children with medical or developmental special needs.  For us, inter-country adoption from China is the perfect fit.  After returning home with Poppy last September, I decided to become an Adoption Advocate for WACAP’s China Adoption Program.  If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know my passion for ethical, child-centered adoption programs.  WACAP and the Full Plate Family mesh.  We are built on the same foundation when it comes to adoption.  I believe in their mission, they believe in ours.  We fit.

Through my advocacy work since signing on last September, I have seen ten children I have personally advocated for, whose files I held in my hands (or clicked on in my email in basket), find their families.  I am so proud of that, not because I feel I saved anyone, but because I consider it an honor to shine a spotlight on kids who are otherwise unnoticed because of the sheer volume of children who wait.

Through my advocacy work, I met some amazing, like-minded mamas.  These mamas and I are bonded by our own Chinese children, but also by our passion for the kids who wait.  They feel as humbled as I do each and every single time they are handed the file of a child who needs a spotlight.  This isn’t where our commitment should end though.

Serving these amazing kids means supporting their parents, and them, before, during and after the adoption process.  Helping their families find them, and then walking away would be a great disservice to everyone involved.  So, we all decided we needed to find a mission that encompassed that ideal.  We decided to put all our knowledge, all our passion, and all our experience into one place.

I’d like to introduce you to the Adoptive Parent Toolkit.

11124549_10206252898469723_853209452_n.jpgCome and join us as we walk you through the adoption process of a waiting child from China step by step, help you understand the landscape of the children waiting, give you ideas to stay sane during the wait, and support you with resources after your child is finally home.

We invite you to let us become your village.

–FullPlateMom, who can’t wait to see what this amazing new project brings!

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