From the Waiting Room.

I’m sitting in the large, crowded Surgical Waiting Room at our Children’s Hospital.  In these situations it’s easy to forget that anyone but my daughter exists, my daughter who has now become a number on a giant light up board that tracks children through their various surgeries and procedures.  It’s 8:10AM and there are already 12 other numbers on there.

My daughter isn’t the only one.  And, because I told you I’m a social lady, I’ve been making friends in here.

This room is currently filled with tired, worried faces like mine.  There is a grandpa and grandma who told me all about their granddaughter.  They were waiting for her parents, their daughter and son-in-law to come out of the pre-op area where their sweet, tiny, granddaughter is waiting to have surgery on her belly.  They’re scared.  I’m scared.

We share that fear.

There is a spanish-speaking family here, without an interpreter currently, who are waiting for news about their young son.  Not speaking english adds an extra layer of difficulty to all of this.  They wanted coffee.  We all need it right now. I pointed them in the right direction and they thanked me, grateful for the kind faces here that are willing to help each other out.

We share that gratitude.

There is another mama here whose daughter is having her central line removed.  She has had her last round of chemo, and for now, she is cancer free.  I told her I would think of her girl, and that I hoped to hear that her scans remain clear and she remains healthy and happy.  Her mother said that is all she prays for, health and happiness.

We share that hope.

Social media has reminded me this week that I am never alone.  As much as we all complain about Facebook, and the negativity of the internet in general, it has been my lifeline this week.  We have very few family members that can help us, and the ones that could help are needed on the home front.  We are grateful for the few that are able to support our kids at home so we can support our girlie.  FPD is on his way here now, but if I didn’t have Facebook and this blog, I would be sitting here alone.  Instead, I open my Facebook feed and see it filled with pink unicorns for my girl.  Instead of being isolated, I get private and text messages of support.  I am so thankful for each and every one of you.  I want you to know that.  Every message, every card, every drawing from your children, I am eternally grateful.  You all are my village.

As I kissed my baby goodbye today, I choked up a little, trying so hard not to cry in front of her.  I said to her, my voice cracking, “You stay strong, sweet girl.  There are thousands of people praying for you.”  Her answer to me was, “I feel it, mom, and I feel SO strong.”

We share that feeling.

–FullPlateMom, who is going to hashtag it here too.  #warrioron, #teamtess

5 thoughts on “From the Waiting Room.

  1. GOOOOOO Tess !!!!! Cant wait to hear you are out of surgery Princess !!!! Im waiting with mommy..LOTS of mo0mmies are praying with your mommy and daddy today…We KNOW God has WONDERFUL plans for you and we cant wait to see them all unfold !!

  2. I’ve been following your family’s journey for a while and thought if there was ever a time to come out of the wood work and say that I’m thinking of you, your sweet girl and your lovely family, it’s now. Sounds like your little one is staying strong and I hope she lends you strength in dark moments. Love and prayers to you and yours!

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