What We Learned

Late afternoon yesterday, we decided to go looking for the cause of Dolly’s low Oxygen saturations after a surgery that should have had us close to normal.  There was some disagreement on the cause between the Pulmonary, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Cardiology teams.  We did another Echocardiogram and then a “bubble study” to watch the path of blood flow through her heart.

Her heart has a hole in it.  

It did before, and this one is NOTHING compared to that, but, it’s there and it is likely causing some of the issues we’re seeing.  Not all of them, her lungs are still junk, but, some of them.  What do we do now?

We wait in faith.

That small, residual VSD, may need to be fixed, it may not.  It may fix itself.  It might be able to be fixed in the cath lab.  It might need to be fixed by our man with the plan.  We don’t know.  None of us know.  Dolly is one of a kind.  So, we wait to see what tomorrow brings.  What we do know is that her heart is amazing.  We’ve certainly learned that over the last week.  Tonight, we will mark the one week anniversary of when her heart stopped all together.  One week.  Only a week between then, and now.

Yesterday, there was this.Dolly opens gifts.A tiny, but so mighty, warrior who battled back from the edge and was so excited to “open her gifts from all her friends who love her.”  We’ve learned there are so many.

She also wanted to talk to “her kids” for the first time since she came out of surgery.  She cried tears of homesickness when she saw Poppy.  So, she’ll be coming here tomorrow for a “play date.”

Dolly opens gifts.-1She’ll have to wear clothes to come here though.  I’m not sure she has done that since I left.

–FullPlateMom, who is just kidding.

4 thoughts on “What We Learned

  1. Re the Septal defect, don’t they have some kind of fix that can be placed arterially? Seems like I read something about that in the Medscape stuff they send me.

    1. Yes, it is possible that it can be fixed in the cath lab when they do a routine check of her heart through her femoral artery. Their first choice would be to do nothing about it. I hope it will just become a little nothing that we don’t even need to worry about.

  2. I’ve been following you for sometime. I love reading about your dear little ones. This post reduced me to tears. Praying hard for Dolly’s recovery so she can get home as soon as possible. Love and hugs from afar.

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