Broken heart, Tess

The Little Things

It is looking highly likely that Dolly will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.  Yes, we are going HOME!!! And, it’s likely we’ll be going home without supplementary Oxygen.  I’m pretty sure no one thought that was going to be possible given the condition of Dolly’s lungs.  I know that is sounds to be small to be grateful not to have to go home with an Oxygen tank, but, for her, it’s amazing.  A four-year old wants to play and roam.  So, sometimes, the little things are big.

When you’re living inside a CICU, it’s the smallest things that give you that rush of happiness.  When someone stops by to say hi and tell you how well your baby is doing.  When one more tube or line disappears.  When the nurses come in to change out the IV pole and three syringe pumps go with it.  It’s the small, forward steps that let you know you’re going in the right direction.

When we were preparing for this hospitalization, I armed myself with lots of physical comfort items (new, super plush slippers, because dang, my feet were COLD last time), a fuzzy robe, and more than a few books to read.  There were several things I didn’t think of though.  I didn’t think about how lonely I would be when my girl couldn’t talk back to me.  Even the littlest 15 minute mental breaks were wonderful.  Thank you to everyone who visited.

Another mom stopped and brought me a foam mattress topper for the fold out bed in the room.  At first, I wondered how much of a difference that piece of foam could make.  A HUGE difference.  I told her the very next day that I love the foam, that I was considering marrying the foam.  A little piece of foam made a big difference.

In all of the hubbub, I forgot to feed myself.  People brought food, sent cafeteria gift cards and made coffee runs for me.  Again, a small gesture was a huge deal.  And, some of those same people fed my family at home.  My GIANT, food guzzling family.  That may seem small, but it was also huge.

When Dolly woke up, she needed motivation to move, fight, and heal.  To everyone who sent gifts, both tiny, and not so tiny, there are no words.  I want to hug you all.

You were truly our village.  You rose for us.  As soon as we are back on our feet, we will be someone else’s village and rise for them.

–FullPlateMom, who wants to give one more big shout out to everyone who was a Warrior for her girl!!!

1 thought on “The Little Things”

  1. I making something special for your girl. Almost finished and I guess I will send it to your house now. So happy for you and your entire village!! ❤


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