Broken heart, Tess

Beads of Courage

When Dolly was in the hospital this last time, I had to look for ways to fill my time during the days she was sedated.  I was told about a program called Beads of Courage.  I had heard of Hero Beads for children undergoing cancer treatments, but I didn’t know that anything like this existed for children of the heart world.

This program is amazing.  For every poke, scan or surgery Dolly has had done, she earns a bead to commemorate her courage.  As she lay there healing, I opened up my great big binder of all things Dolly, where I keep a complete copy of her medical records, and I went through and counted every single thing she has had done to us since coming to be ours.

It nearly brought me to tears.

Our girl.  Gosh, she is so very brave.

If you have a child who lives in the heart-land, I encourage you to see if their center participates in Beads of Courage.  Dolly is very proud of her beads.

Beads of Courage-1

Beads of Courage

–FullPlateMom, who wants you to know, just for reference, this string of beads is now longer than I am tall and I am nearly 5’8″!!! That’s a whole lot of medical intervention for one little girl!

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