A Mother’s Day Wish for the Motherless

I have seen so many posts on Facebook, blogs and other forums about Mother’s Day for the motherless.  Some moms have passed away and some are estranged from their children.  There are a some children, like some of mine, who have never met their biological mothers.

There are some children who don’t have any mother to call theirs.  They had one, but for whatever reason, she couldn’t parent them, and they have yet to be chosen by an adoptive mom.  They wait and watch as younger children are chosen.  They know that there is such a thing as a mom, but she never comes for them.

There is one little girl, who isn’t so little, who may lose her chance as a mother completely.  On this day, of all days, that thought is like a punch to the gut.


This is Anna.  She is 13 years old and living in China.  Anna has a heart defect, which was already corrected in China, but she is also blind.  Anna will age out of China’s children’s welfare system on August 1.  She will have lost her chance at a mother for the rest of time.  On this Mother’s Day, the thought of a blind child in China who will never, ever have a chance to call someone ‘MOM!’ is absolutely too much to take.

I’m wishing for a lot.  I’m wishing for a family who feels comfortable being parents to a new teenager.  I’m wishing for a family who doesn’t care that this teenager can’t see them.  And, I’m wishing for a family that is open to unknowns about Anna’s heart.  I have just made what I believe is the biggest wish on this planet.

I’ve made wishes like this before though, and I’ve seen them come true.


1241071906359Could you be Anna’s wish come true?

–FullPlateMom, who will always keep on wishing.

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