Broken heart, Tess

All Kinds of Changes

Sorry for the radio silence for the last week.  We’ve had some big changes around Full Plate Manor.  First of all, our house is ripped to shreds.  We’re slowly putting it back together, and the remodel will be so lovely when it’s finished, but for awhile there, we were living in a construction zone…with ten children.  It felt…not good.

Then, there’s the bigger news.  We have decided that I am not going to be working anymore.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I own a small business, so I am always kind of working.  What we decided was, I won’t be working for someone else anymore.  I’m going to do my own thing for awhile.  It’s a huge leap of faith to do this.  We will have to purchase health insurance.  We won’t have a fall back plan.  Both FPD and I will be our own bosses.

We have ten kids.

This is insane, right?

This girl has taught us that stepping out in faith is okay.


She’s struggling a little now.  Not physically, we seem to be doing fine there, thank goodness.  Emotionally, we’re in a different spot then we’ve ever been with her.  She has always been tougher than tough.  Now, she’s best described as fragile.  It’s not uncommon for kids to have depression following open heart surgery.  She definitely does.  She’s eating well now, but she doesn’t sleep well, and she cries more than I have ever seen her cry.

Both FPD and I feel like this will get better with time, but that right now, she needs me by her side, carrying her through.

Dolly -1

She never had a lap to sit in or a hand to hold before she came to us.  She doesn’t know how to tell us she’s scared.  We can see it though, and we’re determined to show her that we’re in this with her.  Forever.

–FullPlateMom, who is ready to do what it takes for her girl.

1 thought on “All Kinds of Changes”

  1. Dolly certainly looks more healthy. Hope her depression/anxiety clears soon. Praying that you parent have the patience and fortitude to deal with this.


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