Adoption, Broken heart, Tess

Would You Do It Again?

After everything we went through with our sweet Dolly, it’s natural for people to wonder if we knew then what we know now, would we do it again?  Would we risk her life to try for a full repair of her heart?  Would we go through all this for another child?  Would we ever consider a child with a similar severe congenital heart defect?  Would we adopt Dolly again even though it has forever changed us?

I hear you.  You’re gasping.  I did too.  Of course we would.  We would adopt her a thousand times over, even if the slate were wiped clean and I had to live through the whole nightmare over and over, I would.  I would do it for her.  Honestly, I think there would be a line wrapped around our block to adopt Dolly.  Anyone who has read this blog knows this girl is a-mazing.  She is an old soul.  I truly believe it.  She has an amazingly mature sense of what matters in this world.  She will talk your ear off about “her babies in China who are waiting for mamas.”  Some of these “babies” are 13 years old.  They’re still her babies.  They’re hers, because right now, they’re not anyone else’s.

Yes, we were granted a miracle for her.  I don’t think that precludes us from asking for another one for another child should we find that one of Dolly’s babies belongs in our family.  Dolly has forever changed us.  The pain that her nearly dying caused was temporary.  The change that has come with seeing her fight, overcome and learn to live again will never fade.  We are, forever, better because of her.

I wish that everyone had someone in their life to teach them what Dolly has taught us.  I think that there is something to be learned from every child who has fought, overcome, and learned to live again.  I think there is no limit on free refills when it comes to miracles.  I think that I would do this all over again for another child like Dolly.

–FullPlateMom, who will never say never.

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