Dolly Rides!

Yesterday a classmate of ResponsiBoy’s gave Dolly the gift of a lifetime!  A gift whose smile rivaled the smile that yoga brings.  It involved finding one of these, which is no easy feat.

Dolly Rides!!-8This sweet girl went to so much work for our Dolly!!! Dolly’s unicorn was decorated beautifully when Dolly arrived at the barn, a bejeweled horn, purple stars and sparkly-painted hooves.  Dolly was speechless.  She had been anxiously awaiting her ride all day.  She must have asked me about 56 times if it was time to go to the “unicorn stables.”

Dolly Rides!!-4When we arrived, she was NOT disappointed.  There were SO many “ponies.”  They were actually full grown horses y’all, but to her everything is either a pony, or a unicorn.  What a beautiful way to live.

Dolly Rides!!-9Dolly rode in tandem with ResponsiBoy’s sweet classmate (whose face I won’t broadcast to the inter-web since she is not my child).  This sweet girl was SO patient with Dolly though.  I’m pretty sure she has a future as a riding instructor.  She showed Dolly exactly how to be safe around unicorns, explained all the equipment one needs to ride a unicorn, and never got bored with her 4-year-old questions.

Dolly Rides!!-6This smile has been few and far between since surgery.  I love that her ride brought it back in full force.

The trio rode inside for awhile, then the rain let up, and they were able to ride outside.  Dolly’s activity tolerance is still pretty low.  She rode that horse for a full hour and then spent awhile after the ride tenderly helping to brush and feed her unicorn.  I was shocked.  She usually lasts maybe 30 minutes at something and then asks “can we go now?!?”

Dolly Rides!!-3Not this time.

Dolly Rides!!-2

Dolly Rides!!As we rode home in the car, Dolly recounted the entire 90 minute experience, including asking “Maybe you could buy me a unicorn? Just a small one, since I’m just a small girl! It wouldn’t take up much space, I promise!!!”

–FullPlateMom, who is making room for a unicorn, just a small one, for her girl.


4 thoughts on “Dolly Rides!

  1. How cute! How old is this classmate? What a wonderful idea setting up the unicorn event.

  2. Our neighbors (in NH) run a therapeutic rec riding program. They teach horsemanship and riding to children with physical challenges. There is a lead instructor and two side walkers for the rider and thanks to awesome volunteers lessons are nominal in cost. Until moving here I didn’t know there was such a thing, maybe there’s something similar in your area?

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