Learning To Be A Kid: Life After a Broken Heart.

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Dolly in the GrassThis girl was up 12 times last night.  She laid in her bed sweating and crying with no explanation as to why she was upset.  I can guess, but I don’t know.  I went in, I went out.  I went in again.  We diffuse essential oils.  We play soft music.  She has night lights and stuffies and one of my shirts.

She’ll see Cardiology again in just 12 short hours.  I think that contributes to it.  I’ve also noticed that she has no clue how to be a child.  She can’t play independently.  She is constantly looking to me for what she should ‘do’ next.  This is hard.  This is also the hallmark of a child who is chronically ill.  They don’t know how to just ‘be a kid.’  We’re working on that.

I want to see her be a regular 4 year old, living, loving, laughing and learning.

–FullPlateMom, who can’t wait to see her sweet girl spread her wings and FLY.

3 thoughts on “Learning To Be A Kid: Life After a Broken Heart.

  1. Could she need to learn through experiencing a “normal” infancy? Sometimes living through the infant stages that she likely never had, could help her progress into learning to be a toddler, then young child? Wrap her up, hold her tight. I am no expert. Just suggestions. Praying for your precious girl. ~ Jo

  2. She.is.GORGEOUS!
    I’m SO happy that you moved mountains for this girl and so happy that she has a chance at life. She is such a beautiful girl.

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