An Announcement, Courtesy of our Boys.

We appreciate your patience with the boys if you are a native signer, they did this almost all themselves, and they are working so hard to learn.  A new language is hard, but their excitement has amazed me.

As always, we also appreciate only positive comments.  We don’t expect anyone to understand the way we choose to live, but we expect everyone to be respectful.  For those local who are ready to celebrate with us, we’ll be doing it BIG TIME on Saturday at a barbecue for Dolly, where she, I’m sure, will tell you about all the things that led to this decision, and how excited she is.

You can see the boys announcement HERE!

–FullPlateMom, who is ready to head back to China!!!

12 thoughts on “An Announcement, Courtesy of our Boys.”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What wonderful news and what an amazing announcement!! That was so wonderful to see and I am so happy for your whole family. Great job boys! 🙂


  2. That was so sweet to watch. Their signing is certainly coming along! Best of luck to you, the family and your newest member.


  3. I don’t usually comment… but, oh my goodness. Great job, big brothers!

    Congrats. Thrilled for you and your amazing kiddos!

    Best wishes,


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