Advocacy, AJ, Ally, Bowen, Cate, Jax, Juliana, Tess

The Key to the Kids

We’re shaking off the incognito around here.  This wasn’t a decision we made lightly.  It was never our intention to turn them into advocates for adoption, but that is what they’ve become naturally.  They enjoy this role.  They love talking to people about their family, and they never turn down a chance to be interviewed.

This has led to them being easily searchable on the internet.  I don’t love that idea, but it is what it is.  It became kind of a joke to continue to use pseudonyms here.  So, we’ve decided not to anymore.

In order of age, not appearance in our family, here they are…

Ally (Giggles)

Full Plate Kids-3

Cam (Responsiboy)

Full Plate Kids-6

Brady (Middle Middle)

Full Plate Kids-2

AJ (ShyGuy)

Full Plate Kids-5

Jax (Giganto)

Full Plate Kids-8

Juliana (Bubbly)

Full Plate Kids-4

Sofia (The Diva)

Full Plate Kids

Bowen (Mighty)

Full Plate Kids-1

Tess (Dolly)

Full Plate Kids-9

Cate (Poppy)

Full Plate Kids-7–FullPlateMom, who has some good looking kids.

4 thoughts on “The Key to the Kids”

  1. What sweet, sweet, happy faces! Thanks for sharing them with us! I adore your site and hearing about your family. Thanks for all of the sharing you do!



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