Tess and her Unicorn Babies.

Tess has a very important Cardiology appointment on Friday.  We didn’t make the last one because she started throwing up the morning of the appointment.  Not because of illness, but because she’s so scared.  I am sick about that.  We rescheduled the appointment and took a break.  She’s had a break from doctors visits, checkups, procedures, blood draws, everything medical.  We talked a lot more about this appointment.  We’ve offered her prizes for being brave.  We’re making the appointment special, a lunch with mom first, treats after.  So far, she seems okay with it.  We’ll see what comes on Friday.

We’ve been focusing on Tess’ babies.  She gets great joy from helping other kids find their families.  She asks me multiple times per day if there are babies to name, if she can see her babies, or if any of her babies are matched.  On Sunday night we made a special trip to Target to get her a photo album, one we divided into sections of ‘matched’ ‘waiting to come home’ and ‘home.’  She keeps it by her bed and looks at it multiple times per day.  “My babies are so cute.  Oh, babies.  I hope your mamas finds you so soon.”  I’ve caught her kissing ‘her babies’ good night.  She understands what’s at stake here, what it means not to have a family to kiss you goodnight.

When asked what picture she wanted to decorate the front of her photo album, not surprisingly, she chose a unicorn.  No, she chose a BABY unicorn.  “Because, mom, these can be my unicorn babies.”  Perfect.  Tess’s Unicorn Baby.  Tess’s Unicorn Babies have profiles online, but they are all password protected.  They all have privacy names so as not to breach any confidentiality.  We occasionally feature a kiddo or two available for adoption on our Advocacy page here at The Full Plate.  I will continue to do this, but minus pictures.  I will post a link to the child’s pictures, available on another page, if you sign up for a password.  The password process is quick, easy and there is some amazing cuteness in these photos.

I hope you’ll look.  Really look.  You see, some of these ‘babies’ aren’t really baby.  They’re older.  They have special needs.  They still have so much to offer.  Everyone wants a ‘baby.’  Tess sees the value in an older child getting the chance, maybe for the first time, to be someone’s baby, even if you’re already 9-years-old by the time that happens.

Uincorn Babies–FullPlateMom, who wants you to really look, with your heart.

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