Pee Your Pants, It’s Okay.

Last night, I posted to Facebook our not so controversial, and purely lazy, decision to not potty train Cate.  She is now 2.5 years old.  At this tender age, I began the process of potty training Brady.  That ordeal lasted until he was nearly 4. I pushed the boy too hard.  He wasn’t ready, and all it got me was a purse full of pooped out Underoos every time we went out in public.  It was a toileting nightmare.

I didn’t do it with Jaxen, or Sofia.  I didn’t do it with Juliana.  I missed out on that experience with Ally and AJ *insert imaginary sigh of wistfulness* since they came home way past that stage of development.  By the time we brought Tess home, I had washed my hands of any of it.  I went beyond even the laid back approach I had taken with Sofia and Juliana and I just waited.  I waited for her to notice the rest of the world wearing underwear.  Tess is a precocious sort.   She noticed.  One day, I said “Oh, yes.  Underwear is nice.  Would you like a pair?”  Done.

Cate is much less observant of the world around her.  She is less concerned with conventional social norms and WAY more concerned with unconventional Skittles intake.  I plan to use that to my advantage.  As soon as she is old enough to reason with (we think that day is very far off), I plan to buy a giant bag of Skittles and tell her she can have them if she ditches the diapers.  Every kid has their currency.  Praise was it for Tess, rainbow colored candy is it for Cate.

Until that day comes, she occasionally goes and sits herself on the toilet at home, because let’s be real, she is often naked (those of you who follow Cate’s adventures on Facebook know this already), but when we’re out and about and she tells me she has to pee, I know her game all to well.  She just wants to use the automatic hand dryer at the mall.  So, I tell her to pee her pants.  All the cool kids, with the laziest moms, are doing it.

–FullPlateMom, who loves a good Billy Madison reference.

3 thoughts on “Pee Your Pants, It’s Okay.

  1. Too funny! My sister was terrified of automatic hand dryers after being startled by one of those Dyson jet stream ones. Queue hysterics every time we would use a public restroom that didn’t have paper towels!

  2. Much better approach to potty training 🙂 I can’t tell you how many moms I know of 2.5 year olds who completely stress over this and then get the kid stressed about the whole ordeal. Relax people.

  3. Amen ! No 1 was a breeze, I followed the books, she followed the books, it was all peachy. No 2 she was a bit mor stubborn but by two we had it down. No 3 HA ! She wanted nothing to do with the potty. By now I had burned the books, they were no help at all !! Lol ! No 4 … Well I had adapted the just pee your pants by then. He went to the potty when he was ready, at almost 4 ! Yes 4, sorry environment !! 😁😳😂 We’re Moms, we’re human !!

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