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I Run 4 Tess, But I Run With Ally.

I have often spoken about how I adopted a daughter just like me.  Ally is tough as nails, but she won’t talk a whole lot.  She can’t accept a compliment and she hates being the center of attention.  Sometimes, we’re so alike that we have a hard time connecting.  We connect to the world around each other, but not always to each other in a meaningful way.   I have to work very hard at my relationship with her, to draw her out.

Tonight, her brothers had soccer practice at a park that is just about a half mile from our house.  It’s faster to put on our gear and run there then it is to drive.  As we ramp up the training for our upcoming race, this is a good time to get in a few miles.  It’s not easy to get Ally to come for these runs, it’s even harder to get her to run more than the minimum.  I pushed her a little tonight though.  
AllyWe must be a sight, a white, blonde woman and a dark brown girl.  She’s pretty tough when she runs.  Up hills, down hills, right on my heels the entire way.  We talked about her upcoming 8th grade year, what she’s reading, and then, silence.  It doesn’t really bother either of us.  We trudge along together, breathing in unison, falling in line in front or behind each other as we run.

We climbed our last rise, and she fell back a little.  I had pushed her far.  I fell in next to her and wheezed a little as I said, “I think we need motivation.  When I’m struggling I think about something that inspires me.”

“Like Tess?”

“Yep.  It’s usually Tess.  If she could live for two years in China with a broken heart, then we can make it up this hill.”

TessA few more seconds go by, but it feels like an eternity.

She says to me, “I’m thinking of someone else.”

I knew who she was talking about.  He has been the topic of much discussion and prayer over the last few days.  His situation is remarkably similar to Tess’.  He even looks a little like her.

Anthony WatermarkHe’s waiting, just like she was.  He’s desperately sick, just like she was.  His life could be amazing, just like hers.

We both hit that hill like we were on fire.  When we were done, she said to me.

“I hope he finds his mom.”  Then, “I hope he doesn’t die.”

He’s fighting so hard.  If you are interested in adoption of a child with severe Congenital Heart Disease, please email WACAP at and ask about Anthony.

–FullPlateMom, who thinks Ally fights pretty hard too.


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