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Around the Table.

We’re nesting around here.  I usually don’t use terms that compare adoption to pregnancy in any way, but this part of the process does overlap, so I’m going to appropriate the term.  For me, the nesting process starts as we close out every adoption.  It means I get everything in order that I’ve been putting off forever.  Since forever we haven’t had a dining room table that fits all of us.  Tess has sen home nearly three years and I think she was the child that tipped us over when it comes to seating.  We have been eating scattered all over.  Because there really is no place for Joe and I to sit in the kitchen, we’ve taken to eating away from the kids.  It stinks.

Last weekend, we fixed that.  We’ve been eating dinner together every night now, and I can’t even begin to describe the huge difference it makes.  I get to hear so much more about the kids’ days now.  They get to hear about my day.  We talk about Gigi, and when she’ll be here sitting with us.  And, the kids talk about how many more we can fit around that table now.  Joe didn’t love that part.

The Dinner Table-2


The Dinner Table-1

The Dinner Table–FullPlateMom, who needs to conquer the transportation situation now.  Next up: A new (to us) 15 passenger vehicle.

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