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Down on the Farm.

Yesterday was one of those perfect midwest days.  We were invited to a farm a little more than an hour from our house to celebrate adoption with families from WACAP who live in our area.  WACAP (World Association for Children and Parents) is the agency that has done all our home studies for China.  They were also Bowen’s placing agency, but not Tess or Cate’s.  The difference between the three placing agencies we’ve used is starkly apparent.  Last year, when Cate’s adoption became somewhat of a debacle (it was actually a little more than somewhat), I emailed a WACAP advocate upon arriving home and asked if I could volunteer for the agency.  I believe in what WACAP does.  They’re one of the few completely ethical agencies I’ve worked with.  And, by now, I’ve worked with a few agencies.  After Tess’s surgery, she jumped on board as a volunteer too.  She is now an official baby namer.

WACAP’s CEO, Greg Eubanks, was down on the farm for the day too.  Down on the Farm-4

It was so fun to meet him.  The kids and I had spent days and days talking about what exactly Mr. Eubanks does.  Some of the smaller children in our home were pretty sure that Mr. Eubanks is personally in charge of placing children with their families.  So, we had a little bit of an issue with the kids wanting to ask Mr. Eubanks to bring some of “Tess’s babies” with him.  They thought they would be able to play with them and maybe see them be united with their families.  We had to explain how those kids live in China, and that is not the way any of this works.  We reviewed all the work that goes into adopting a child ethically and how hard WACAP works to make that happen.  Bummer.  A small part of Tess hoped that Mr. Eubanks had the pull to bring Gigi with him.  Oh, Tess.  I wish.  We did move a couple of steps forward in her adoption though.  That was worth celebrating.

Brady found a four leaf clover and declared that it was a sign that Gigi would be with us very soon.  He hopes it will be for Christmas.  I hope so too, buddy.  I hope so too.

Down on the Farm-1

Down on the Farm-2It was a beautiful day to celebrate how blessed Joe and I truly are.  Tess loved running around the farm.  Yes, running.  There were days, in the not so distant past, where she physically couldn’t run.  Down on the Farm-6Not anymore.

Cate charged all around, peeking at all the animals.  She wanted to touch everything.  Ally loved looking at all of these things with her.  We even talked Ally into picking up a chicken.  It was something she did in Ghana all the time.  In fact, at the age of eight, she was in charge of helping her mom butcher them for dinner.  Since coming to the U.S., she has pretended she had no part of that.  Now the memories are starting to flow a little more freely.  She was showing the kids exactly how to handle the chickens so they don’t get away, but also so you don’t hurt them.  She didn’t give me permission to post those pics, so these will have to do.  Down on the Farm-3

Down on the FarmOh Cate, you funny girl.  She made a good friend in this guy.  He kept licking her, and she kept laughing absolutely hysterically.

Down on the Farm-5When we were done exploring, the kids started a rousing game of catch on the hillside with a water bottle.  Life in a big family, you can always find something to do to entertain yourselves, because there are so many of you.  Even Joe joined in.

Down on the Farm-8

Down on the Farm-7It was a gorgeous day, spent celebrating what, and who, we love.

–FullPlateMom, who left the farm and drove 30 miles with ten kids in tow to go buy a car.  That’s a blog post for a different time though.  Next up:  A review of our new (to us) Ford Transit.

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